Elon Musk praises Vivek Ramasamy, an Indian-born candidate for the US presidential election

Elon Musk has hailed Indian-conceived Vivek Ramasamy as the most encouraging contender for the following year’s US official political decision. Vivek Ramasamy is 38 years of age. He moved on from Harvard College with a degree in Science and is as of now a business visionary. In the 2024 official political decision in the US, he has applied to challenge the political race for the benefit of the Conservative Faction.

Vivek Ramasamy is standing out in the American political circle. A couple of months prior, previous US President Donald Trump lauded him. “Vivek Ramasamy is my #1. There are just beneficial comments about him. He performed well in the new official political race. He has just beneficial comments about ‘President Trump’ and the Trump organization. That is the thing I like about him the most.  That is the reason he’s doing so well,” Trump posted on his web-based entertainment page.

For this situation, American columnist Exhaust Carlson has posted a meeting with Vivek Ramasamy on the X site. Following this, Tesla pioneer Elon Musk called Vivek Ramasamy a ‘extremely encouraging competitor’.

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